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Public Education and Fire Prevention

COVID Update - New Restrictions

December 9, 2020

Calculating Restricted Occupancy/Capacity

Retail and other similar type businesses often do not have occupant loads posted.  The Province of Alberta has provided additional clarification on occupant load calculations during the Covid 19 pandemic.  For the most recent information, please see 

It is the owner/operator's responsibility to ensure that all mandated public health measures can be accommodated (such as maintaining 2 meters social distancing).  For the most recent information, please see

Approximating 15% Occupancy

If you are unsure of your current Occupant Load, and have been unable to locate it, the following steps can help approximate your restricted capacity:

  1. If you do not already know it, calculate the square footage of the building used by customers (excluding washrooms), this can be done by measuring the length of one wall and the length of the adjoining wall, multiply these two numbers together to determine the square footage (area)
  2. Divide the square footage by 10.764 to convert to metres squared
  3. Divide the metres squared number by 3.7 to determine the normal occupant load of your business
  4. Multiply the normal occupant load by 15% (0.15) to determine the restricted occupancy



19 Patrons are allowed in this retail space under the current restrictions.

See the source imageCOVID Update from Fire Prevention

Please be advised, Fire Prevention Officers are starting to perform Fire Inspections on a scheduled basis to ensure social distancing and COVID precautions are being implemented.

As we move forward through the re-opening of businesses it is important to keep this NFPA checklist in mind for making sure your building is safe for both your employees and the public.

NFPA Fire and Life Safety Checklist for Re-opening a Building

Fire Prevention Banner pic.jpg 

​Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services is committed to educating the public to create a safer community.  Fire Prevention Officers are active in the community throughout the year sharing fire safety messages with Lethbridge residents, big and small.​

To make a fire safety complaint please fill out this form and submit to the Fire Prevention Bureau:

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