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Emergency Medical Services


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*Photo courtesy of the Galt Museum*





History of EMS

Prior to 1912, the Galt Hospital provided ambulance services to the community of Lethbridge. Due to a series of public concerns and complaints about patient care and responsiveness, the Lethbridge Fire Department was tasked with the operation of the ambulance instead of the Galt Hospital. Since that time, our staff have been trained as firefighters and medical responders, and have the flexibility to work on any apparatus on any given day. 2018 marks the 106th year of the department's role as an integrated service.

Present Day EMS

Today, Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services provides advanced life support services with advanced care paramedics and primary care paramedics on all of our fire and ambulance apparatus. Our ambulances respond to all medical emergencies and, depending on the seriousness of the call, a fire engine can respond and assist an ambulance crew or treat a patient before an ambulance arrives.

Fire Medical call.jpgIn 2009 Alberta Health Services (AH​S) assumed governance of emergency medical services in the province and the city of Lethbridge has been a contracted provider of EMS ever since. We still provide the same high quality service but are afforded additional resources and support from Alberta Health Services.​




Our staff work hard every day to provide high-quality patient care to those who use our services. Sometimes the experience may not live up to the expectations of an individual or family. Your experience can provide valuable information for us to improve. If you have a complaint, suggestion, or compliment for our service, please contact us using the feedback form.

​​The Alberta Health Charter outlines principles to guide the health system, sets out key responsibilities for individuals and families, and guides healthcare providers/organizations in delivering superior healthcare services. If you are interested in knowing more about your rights as a patient, please follow this link.