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Changing or Canceling an Adoption

Changing an Adoption

If you would like to adopt additional Storm Drains, use the Adopt a Storm Drain WebMAP to add one or more Storm Drains to your existing adoption. Be sure to enter the email address you originally provided, and the new Storm Drains will be added to your profile. You will receive a new confirmation email showing all of the Storm Drains associated with your profile.

To remove a single Storm Drain from your adoption, send an email to specifying the Asset ID of the Storm Drain that you wish to remove. The Storm Drain will be made available for others to adopt.

Canceling an Adoption

​​To cancel your adoption, click the Unsubscribe link ​in one of the emails that you have received from the Adopt a Storm Drain program. When you unsubscribe, your profile will be removed and all of your Storm Drains will be made available for others to adopt.

​​​If you cannot find an email with an Unsubscribe link, you can cancel your adoption by viewing your profile and clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.

​If you have any problems, you can also send an email to H2Oinquiries@​​ requesting to be removed from the program.​