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Drawing a Point

​​​Point mode in the Draw widget can be ​​used to mark a location on the map as ​​follows:
  1. Open the Draw widget and click the Point mode button.
  2. ​The available options for drawing a point will appear at the bottom of the widget.​​​ Note: the parameters shown below are available for point symbols. For picture symbols, only the Symbol Size is available.
  3. Select the symbol category.

  4. The available categories are listed below.
    • Basic
    • A-Z
    • Arrows
    • Business
    • Cartographic​​​
    • National Park Service
    • Outdoor and Recreation
    • People and Places
    • Safety and Health
    • Shapes
    • Transportation

  5. ​​Click the desired symbol.

  6. Change any of the available options (Symbol Size​, Color, Transparency, Outline Color or Outline Width).
  7. Click the desired location on the map to place the symbol.
  8. Repeat steps 1-6 to add additional symbols to the map.
  9. To clear the ​symbols from the map, click the Clear link, close the Draw widget or open a different widget.