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Drawing a Triangle

​​​​​Triangle mode in the Draw widget can be ​​used to draw a triangle on the map as ​​follows:
  1. Open the Draw widget and click the Triangle ​mode button.
  2. ​The available options for drawing a triangle will appear at the bottom of the widget.​​​
  3. Select a preset from the available choices or customize the Color, Transparency, Outline Color and Outline Width.
  4. If desired, click Show Measurements to display the area and perimeter of the triangle after it is drawn on the map.
  5. Click and hold the mouse button on the triangle's desired centre point on the map.
  6. Move the mouse out from the centre point until the triangle reaches the desired size. 
  7. Release the mouse to finish the triangle.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 to draw additional triangles on the map.​
  9. To remove​ the ​triangles from the map, click the Clear link, close the Draw widget or open a different widget.