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Adopt a Storm Drain WebMAP Help

​​​​​​ The Adopt a Storm Drain​ WebMAP provides an interactive, map-based view of Storm Drains in the City of Lethbridge. You can Adopt a Storm Drain near your home, school or workplace to help keep our community and the Oldman River healthy and clean! Removing debris from Storm Drains also helps to prevent localized flooding. Adopting a Storm Drain is easy and provides a great opportunity for environmental stewardship.​​​

The Adopt a Storm Drain WebMAP is a single application that can be used on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. ​​The various features of the Adopt a Storm Drain WebMAP are described in the following sections.

Getting Started

The Adopt a Storm Drain WebMAP has ​​seven main parts which are shown in the image below.

  1. ​​​​Map Display
  2. Toolbar
  3. Address Search (Geocoder) Widget
  4. Zoom Slider Widget
  5. Home Button Widget
  6. Overview Map Widget
  7. Scalebar Widget


Panning and zooming are used to navigate the Adopt a Storm Drain WebMAP.


The widgets available in the Adopt a Storm Drain WebMAP are used to perform a variety of functions such as searching for Storm Drains, changing the basemap, measuring distances and printing the map. The two main types of widgets are shown below.

Working with Storm Drains

​A Storm Drain can be located by searching for an Address or Asset ID, or by simply clicking on an area of the map. Once an available Storm Drain has been selected, it can then be adopted. Instructions for performing the various tasks related to Storm Drains are shown below.

Other Information