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Measuring Area

​​Area mode in the Measure widget can be used to measure the area enclosed by three or more points on the map as follows:
  1. Open the Measure widget.
  2. Click the Area mode button. The Units of Measure drop-down list will open to the right of the mode buttons.
  3. Select the desired units of measure. The available units of measure are listed below.
    • Square Miles
    • Square Kilometres
    • Hectares
    • Square Yards
    • Square Feet
    • Square Metres
  4. ​Click the starting point on the map. 
  5. Move the mouse towards the second point on the map. A line will appear connecting the starting point and the current mouse location.
  6. Click the second point on the map.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add more points to define the area. When the third point is clicked, the area defined by the shape will be shown in the Measurement Result.
  8. Double-click the ending point on the map. The total area defined by the shape will be shown in the Measurement Result.

  9. To clear the measurements from the map, click a different mode (Distance or Location), close the Measure widget or open a different widget.