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Searching By Asset ID

​Normally, you will select a Storm Drain by locating it on the map. However, i​​​f you have previously adopted a Storm Drain, you can also search for it using its Asset ID from your confirmation email. To search for a Storm Drain by its Asset ID:
  1. Open the My Storm Drains widget. The widget can be opened or closed by clicking its button in the toobar.​​
  2. Click ​​​the Search tab.
  3. Enter 1 to 4 digits of the Asset ID in the Search box. 
  4. Click the ​​​Search button. 

    The Storm Drains with a matching Asset ID will be displayed in the results table under the Search box.
  5. To zoom to a Storm Drain in the map, click its r​ow in the results table. ​​​​
  6. Once you have located a Storm Drain that you would like to adopt, you can Select​ it for adoption.