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Selecting a Storm Drain

​​Before a Storm Drain can be adopted, it must be added to the Select tab of the My Storm Drains widget. ​To select one or more Storm Drains:

  1. ​Locate an available Storm Dr​ain by searching for an Address or Asset ID, or by zooming in on an area of the map.
  2. Click the Storm Drain to open its Info Window.
  3. Click Add to My Storm Drains.

    The Storm Drain will be added to the Select tab of the My Storm Drains widget.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to add more Storm Drains. A maximum of 10 Storm Drains may be selected at a time. 
  5. To remove a Storm Drain, click its Remove link on the Select tab, or click Remove from My Storm Drains in the map.

  6. Once the Storm Drains have been selected, they can be Adopted​.