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Toolbar Widgets

Toolbar Widgets are accessed using the buttons in the toolbar at the top of the WebMAP. The toolbar is shown below.

The available toolbar widgets are listed below.

Opening a Toolbar Widget​​

A Toolbar Widget can be opened by clicking its button in the toolbar.  When a Toolbar Widget is opened, it appears in a panel on the right of the WebMAP. For example, click the button shown below to open the Draw widget.

If there is not enough space for the widget to be displayed on the right (for example, when viewing in portrait on a mobile device), it will appear o​n the bottom of the WebMAP.

Opening a Toolbar Widget Using the "More" Button

If there is not enough space for the toolbar to display all of the widget buttons (for example, on a mobile device), the remaining widgets can be accessed using the "More" button, shown below.

To open a Toolbar Widget, click the "More" button to open a panel showing the remaining widgets. 


Then, click the button for the widget you would like to open.

Closing a Toolbar Widget

To close the widget, click the Close button in the top-right corner of the widget.

Collapsing and Restoring a Toolbar Widget​

Instead of closing a Toolbar Widget, it can also be collapsed so that only its title bar is visible. To collapse a Toolbar Widget, click its Collapse button.

To restore a collapsed Toolbar Widget, click its Restore button.