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Changing the Base Map

Base maps provide different contexts when viewing information. The application has the following base maps to choose from:
  • Street Map – shows parcel boundaries, address numbers, streets and street names. This is the default basemap.
  • Assessment Map – shows the Street Map with parcels colour-coded according to assessed value. Note: the Assessment Map is not available on smartphones.
  • Neighbourhood Map – shows boundaries for all neighbourhoods in the city
  • Aerial Map – shows aerial imagery
  • Hybrid Map – combines the Street Map and Aerial Map
To change the base map:
  1. Click on the Change Basemap button in the toolbar at the top of the page. ​​
  2. A small window will open, showing the available basemaps. 

  3. Click on the thumbnail for the desired basemap. The map will be updated to show the selected basemap. 
If the Assessment Map is selected, the basemap legend will appear in the Search Panel on the left of the page. The legend indicates the assessed value range for each parcel colour.