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Using the Toolbar

​The toolbar allows you to interact with the map by clicking on the map with a tool.  For example, if you click in the toolbar on the Zoom In tool, then click the map, the map will zoom in around where you click.

You can also interact with the map using the keyboard.  Also see Using the mouse for tips on using the mouse to interact with the map.

To Use a Tool

  • In the Toolbar, click the tool you want to use.
  • Move the cursor over the map.  The cursor may change to indicate the tool you are using.
  • Click on the map with the left mouse button.
  • The results depend on the tool.  The map appearance may change, such as zooming in or out.  Or the results may appear in a floating dialog, such as the Select Features tool.

To learn how to use the map tools available select a category below:


Move (re-center) the map.
Click and hold the left mouse button on the map, and drag the map.  The map will be re-centered, with the location dragged at the location you dropped it by releasing the mouse button.

Zoom in

Zoom in to a specific location on the map.
Click and hold the left mouse button down on the map at one corner of the rectangle to zoom in to.  Drag the mouse to the other corner of the rectangle and release the mouse button.  The map will zoom in to the area of the rectangle.

Zoom out Zoom out from a specific location on the map.
The map will zoom out so that the current map area will fit into the rectangle drawn.  The smaller the rectangle you draw, the more the map will zoom out. ​Zoom out


​Property Search Search for a property by civic address, legal address or roll number.
See Searching for Properties for usage.
Select Features ​Select map features by point, line, polygon or rectangle.
See Selecting Features for usage.
Measure ​Measure distance, area or retrieve location coordinates.
See Measuring for usage.

​Toggle the Legend / Table of Contents list on or off.
See Working with The Legend and Layers for usage.

Clear ​Clears the selected features highlighted on the map.
Also clears graphics created through use of the Draw tool.  The active tool does not change.


Draw ​Draw lines, polygons, circles, ovals and add text/labels to the map display.
See Drawing for usage.


​Save Image ​Save the current map display as an image.
The active tool does not change.


​Print Map ​Print a map of the current map display.
The active tool does not change.