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Changing the Base Map

Base maps provide different contexts when viewing information. The application has the following base maps to choose from:

  • Street Map – shows parcel boundaries, address numbers, streets and street names. This is the default basemap.
  • Assessment Map – shows the Street Map with parcels colour-coded according to assessed value.
  • Neighbourhood Map – shows boundaries for all neighbourhoods in the city
  • Land Use Map - shows parcel zoning by colour
  • Land Development Map - shows built/vacant status for parcels
  • Aerial Map – shows aerial imagery
  • Hybrid Map – combines the Street Map and Aerial Map

To change the base map:

  1. Click on the Change Basemap button in the toolbar at the top of the page. ​​
  2. A small window will open, showing the available basemaps. 
  3. ​Click on the thumbnail for the desired basemap. The map will be updated to show the selected basemap. 


Some of the basemaps have a legend associated with them to help clarify the map contents. If you choose a basemap with a legend, it will appear automatically.

  • To toggle the legend on or off, click the Toggle Legend button: