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Property Information Window

​​When a property is selected by searching or by clicking on the map, the Property Information Window will open. This window shows details for the property, divided into two tabs: Property and Assessment & Tax.


Property Tab​​

The Property tab provides general information such as Roll Number, Legal Description and Zoning information.



Assessment & Tax Tab

The Assessment & Tax tab provides assessment and tax information including Tax Class and Tax Status, and Assessed Value and Tax amounts for the current year and the two previous years.


Multiple Records​

 Some locations have multiple records, each with a unique address and roll number, on a single property (for example, a residential condominium). Properties with multiple records can be differentiated by their colour when using the Assessment basemap. See the section Changing the Basemap for details.
When clicking on this type of property, the list of records will initially appear, in place of the Property Information Window. 


To zoom to a location, click on its Roll Number or Address in the list. The Property Information Window will appear for the selected property.


 To return to the list of records, click the Back to List button in the toolbar at the top of the Property Information Window.