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The Bookmark tool allows you to quickly zoom the map to particular areas of interest.  The Bookmark tool is located in the Tools menu list found in the WebMAP Toolbar.  By default, it includes 6 predefined bookmarks.  The Bookmark tool provides you with the ability to:


Using existing bookmarks

  1. To view the list of bookmarks available click the Bookmarks icon.  
  2. Click the bookmark item in the Bookmarks window to zoom the map display to the bookmark location.

Creating a bookmark

  1. Zoom the map display to an area of interest.
  2. Click the Add Bookmark icon. 
  3. Enter a name for the new bookmark and click the Add Bookmark button.
  4. The bookmark will be created based on the current view extent in the map display.  Bookmarks created by you are specific to your computer and user profile.  Bookmarks created by you will appear at the bottom of the bookmarks list.  

Deleting user created bookmarks

  1. To delete or remove user created bookmarks click on its associatedicon.