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Google Driving Directions

Google Driving Directions can be launched from the WebMAPs result tabs or Information Popup windows.

This functionality can be accessed by clicking on theicon wherever it may appear in the WebMAP applications.

When clicked Google Maps will open in a new browser window.  If the feature address has been mapped correctly by Google a green marker identifying the location of the address will display on the map provided by Google.

Note: If Google has not mapped the address correctly it will not located properly and the marker identifying the location of the address will be red in colour.

City of Lethbridge Role

​The City of Lethbridge provides the Google Driving Directions interaction with the WebMAPs to enhance your user experience.  This interaction illustrates how other web technologies can be used in conjunction with our existing interactive maps to add valuable functionality.
The City of Lethbridge does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by Google.