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Google Street View

​Google Street View can be launched from the WebMAPs result tabs or Information Popup windows.

This functionality can be accessed by clicking on the following icon wherever it may appear in the WebMAP applications.


When clicked, Google Street View will open in a new browser window.  If the location of the feature has been mapped correctly by Google, for Street View, the map will take you to the street location associated with the feature.

Note: If Google Street View remains at the North American extent when launched, the feature location has not been correctly mapped by Google for Street View.

City of Lethbridge Role

The City of Lethbridge provides the Google Street View interaction with the WebMAPs to enhance your user experience.  This interaction illustrates how other web technologies can be used in conjunction with our existing interactive maps to add valuable functionality.

The City of Lethbridge does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by Google.

Additional considerations to make note of when using Google Street View can be found below.

Google Street View Considerations

  1. The location displayed by Google Street View is on the street associated with the feature, therefore you may have to move around or "spin" the display to observe the correct area.
  2. The "approximate address" displayed in Google Street View may not coincide with the address from the WebMAPs but it should be close.
  3. You can report any errors, issues or problems with Google Street View by clicking on the "report a problem" link at the bottom left hand corner of the Google Street View display window. This will report the problem directly to Google.
  4. Accuracy of the location displayed in Google Street View is based on how accurate Google has mapped The City of Lethbridge and which areas have been captured for Google Street View. Newly developed areas may not be as accurately mapped or captured at all.