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Real Property Reports and Compliance

Many mortgage lenders require evidence that buildings have been correctly positioned on a property.  Documents, usually real property reports, are submitted to the Development Officers to determine compliance with the setback and separation requirements of the Land Use Bylaw. 

What is a Real Property Report?

A Real Property Report is a certified drawing completed by a qualified surveying firm, which shows all buildings, dimensions and distances from property lines on a specific property.

What is a Compliance Letter

This is a letter from the City of Lethbridge which states whether building locations shown on a submitted document meet or do not meet the requirements set out in the Land Use Bylaw.

Compliance Review Process

When reviewing drawings for compliance, the Development Officer looks at:

  • Required Setbacks
  • Prior Approvals
  • Encroachments

Why do I need a Compliance Letter?

Mortgage lenders, seeking to protect their investment, or lawyers, seeking to protect client interests often ask for a compliance letter.  Compliance letters are most commonly required as a part of real estate purchasing contracts.

    How do I get a Compliance Letter?

    Development Officers can certify any readable drawing of a property as long as it shows all of the setbacks.  Most mortgage lenders, however only accept compliance letters that are based on a recently-completed Real Property Report done by a qualified surveying firm.

    What does it cost?

    We offer two levels of service for compliance requests:  Regular Service which will be completed within 3 working days for a cost of $150.00 for Residential, $200.00 for Commercial/ Industrial/Multi-Family, or Rush Service which will be completed within 24 hours for a cost of $200.00 for Residential and $300.00 for Commercial / Industrial/Multi-Family.