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Buying a Home?

Find out what City department you should contact when you buy a house or manufactured home in Lethbridge​

Tax Department

Prepay your property  taxes, receive a discount, and avoid any potential late payment charges by enrolling in the City's convenient Tax Installment Prepayment Plan (TIPP).  



In the event you are selling and then buying another home  within the city, and you pay property taxes online, you must change the tax account number (roll number) with your financial institution to ensure payment is applied to the  correct property.

Purchasing a brand new home? 

Ensure your lawyer has contacted the Assessment and Tax  department to obtain an estimate of taxes to be levied in the near future.

Are you buying a home in Lethbridge? 
Download our brochure as a checklist to guide you through the process with City of Lethbridge departments.

Levies may include supplementary taxes which are billed in October.

In the event your mortgage payment includes property taxes, principal, interest and tax (PIT), ensure your mortgage company is collecting enough from you to cover the upcoming years taxes and any supplementary bills if applicable.

Purchasing a manufactured home? 

Bring a copy of the bill of sale to the Tax Department and we will update our records, change the ownership information, and verify the serial number of your home.

Do you need to update your mailing address?

If you own other properties and the home you are buying will be the new mailing address for those properties, request an address change for all affected properties by contacting  Alberta Land Titles Office toll free at 310-0000 then ask for 403-297-6511 or follow the link to Alberta Land Titles Change of Address form. This process will also update  Assessment and Taxation records.


Utility Department


  • Apply for water, sewer, garbage and electricity​ by phone at 311 or (403) 320-3111 (outside Lethbridge), in-person at City Hall.
  • Electricity is available from the City of Lethbridge. Electric customers can also choose any retailer listed at​​ or by calling UCA at 403-310-4822.
  • In the event you require a garbage bin for your newly constructed home, you can request one to be delivered to your home through the Public Operations Department at 311 or (403) 320-3111 (outside Lethbridge). Your Utility Account number is required.
  • Update your mailing address for all your utility accounts with the City of Lethbridge by calling 311 or (403)320-3111 (outside Lethbridge).



Development Services

It is recommended the Buyer obtain from the Seller a Real Property Report (RPR) and Letter of  Compliance indicating the house and all structures meet the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw. Contact 403-320-3920 or email if you have any further questions.

Contact Development Services at 403-320-3920 to ensure any decks, sheds, garages, alterations or renovations on the property have been done safely and with the correct permits to avoid complications with current and future  renovations.


Building Inspection Services

It is recommended that the buyer or their representative perform a File Search with the City of Lethbridge to verify all construction on the property has been properly permitted & inspected, and all inspections are passed and permits closed. Contact 403-320-3920 or email if you have any further questions.



This is a secure online service that allows home owners and businesses to access information about their City of Lethbridge accounts (Business, Dog, Tax), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also monitor the status of permits and applications and schedule inspections. MyCity is easy to use and all information is  protected by private access codes.​  

To visit MyCity please click here.

Other Recommended Actions


  • Apply for natural gas services with one of the private sector providers.
  • If you own a dog and are new to the city, purchase a dog license from Regulatory Services on the main floor of City Hall or the Lethbridge Animal Shelter at 2405 41 St N. If you have moved within the city, update your address with Regulatory Services at  403-320-3111 or the Lethbridge Animal Shelter at 403-320-4099.
  • Arrange for property insurance.
  • Update your personal identification.
  • Set up the mail forwarding service and register your new address with Canada Post. ​


Disclaimer: This may not be inclusive of all that is necessary to be changed.