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Non-Residential Tax Calculator

Estimate Your Non-Residential Property Taxes

Non-residential property types include Commercial and Industrial Land and Improvements and commercial and industrial Vacant Land.

Your non-residential property taxes can be estimated by multiplying the individual property assessment value by the tax rate. To find out your estimated tax bill amount, enter the property assessment value from your last assessment and tax notice in the box below.

If you don’t know the assessed value of the property, you may use the purchase price to estimate the property taxes. Keep in mind that your property taxes are based on the municipally assessed value of the property, which may differ from the purchase price of the property.

City Council sets the property tax rates annually in April.

This estimator was reviewed and updated in May 2019.

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goes toward Municipal Property Taxes for Municipal services
goes toward Provincial Property Taxes for Education
goes toward Green Acres Foundation Requisition
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