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My Property Taxes

Your property taxes go to support services such as police, fire and ambulance, parks, streets and roads, corporate services, and many other programs necessary to maintain the high level of municipal services enjoyed by the citizens of the City of Lethbridge.   

About Property Taxes

Find out what your property tax bill is made up of and where your tax dollar goes.

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How to Pay

Find out how to pay your taxes, including the Tax Instalment Pre-payment Plan (TIPP), in-person, mail, online banking or credit card.

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Tax Rates

Find out how the tax rate is calculated and what the current and historic tax rates are.

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Buying and Selling

Property Information WebMAP         

Tax Calculator       


Tax Instalment Pre-payment Plan (TIPP)


Tax Facts


Changing Your
Mailing Address

Seniors Property Tax 
Deferral Program

For more information:

City Hall, First Floor, 910 4th Ave S

P: 403 320 3950

F:  403 320 4956


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