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Deadline for Filing a Complaint?
The final date for a complaint is indicated on the Assessment Notice:  60 days from the notice date.
This time limit is legislated and cannot be extended.
The complaint form and required fee, payable to the City of Lethbridge, (see Assessment Review Board Bylaw) must be received together by the Assessment Review Board office no later than 4:30 pm on the deadline date indicated on your assessment notice.  Late com​plaints are not valid and will not be heard.  Electronic mail and faxed complaints will not be accepted.
Where can I get a Complaint Form?
Additional complaint forms and publications are available for the taxpayer on the Government of Alberta Municipal Affairs website.
Tax Agents?
An agent may not file a complaint or act for an assessed person or taxpayer at a hearing unless the assessed person or taxpayer has prepared and filed with the clerk or administrator an Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form
Mail or Deliver the Complaint form and required fee to:
Assessment Review Board Clerk
910 4 Avenue South
2nd floor - City Hall
Lethbridge, AB  T1J 0P6
If you are in the process of working with the assessment department regarding your assessment the Complaint Form and required fee must still be submitted. The appeal can be withdrawn by filling out the Withdrawal Form if a decision is made prior to the hearing date.
What happens after I file a complaint?
An Assessment representative may contact you to review your file and the reason for your complaint. If necessary, the representative may arrange to re-inspect your property.   A “Notice of Hearing” letter will be mailed to the complainant, the owner (if different than the complainant) and the City Assessor stating the date, time and location of your hearing as well as legislated disclosure timelines. 
Timelines for Disclosure of Evidence:
Type of ​Board


​Respondent Disclosure Complainant
​Local Assessment Review Board (LARB)* ​At least 21 days before the hearing date At least 7 days before the hearing date​ ​At least 3 days before the hearing date
​Composite Assessment Review Board (CARB)** ​At least 42 days before the hearing date At least 14 days before the hearing date​ ​At least 7 days before the hearing date
*Local Assessment Review Board - hears matters shown on assessment notice for residential property with three or less dwellings and farmland.
**Composite Assessment Review Board - hears all other matters.
Please read your entire Notice of Hearing letter for important information regarding your hearing. 
Contact Information:
Wendy Smith, ARB Clerk
Telephone: 403 320 3030