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Top Ten Things to Know About Your Appeal

  1. Your appeal will be heard by the Assessment Review Board. This is an impartial panel comprised of Citizens-at-Large, appointed by City Council, who have a variety of experience.
  2. The Board receives administrative support from the Assessment Review Board Clerk. The Clerk is the primary link between you and the Board.
  3. If your complaint is regarding the assessed value of the property, it your responsibility to prove to the Board that your assessment is incorrect.  You may want to consider submitting the assessments of comparable properties. Assessment comparables can be found through a number of sources including through your municipality.
  4. You will receive a “Notice of Hearing” letter telling you of the date, time and place that the Board will hear your complaint. Your attendance at the hearing is not mandatory. However, it is recommended as the Board may have questions about the information you have submitted with your appeal.
  5. The Notice of Hearing letter will explain the process you must follow to exchange information about your appeal. You must provide all information that you intend to use at your hearing – the Board is not permitted to consider any information that has not been disclosed properly. All deadlines/timelines are legislated
  6. The Board can hear complaints for the current assessment year only. They may not hear complaints regarding tax rates or service levels provided by the Municipality.
  7. The hearing procedure will be outlined by the Board Chair at the start of hearing. Within 30 days of the hearing the Board will issue a written decision.
  8. The Board’s decision may not be based on stories, emotions or personal views.
  9. The Board can decide to dismiss your complaint, make a change to your assessment notice (increase or decrease) or decide that no change is required.  An ARB Decision can be appealed to the Court of Queen’s Bench.
  10. If you are successful in your appeal, your assessment complaint fees will be refunded.

Contact Information:
Wendy Smith, ARB Clerk
Telephone:  403 320 3030