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Value added life in Lethbridge

There’s lots to love about life in Lethbridge. From our picturesque river valley to our world-class post-secondary institutions, from our immaculate parks to our brand new leisure centre, we are extremely lucky to enjoy such a high quality of life at a reasonable cost of living.

High Service Levels

The City of Lethbridge offers more services, and has higher service levels than many other cities. 

In the recent third party Operational Review of the City of Lethbridge, the consultant’s report confirmed this saying “The City of Lethbridge has been observed to have higher service intensity, relative to other mid-sized Canadian Cities.”

Curbed increases

Over the last 5 years, Lethbridge has seen much lower property tax increases. City Council is working hard with City administration to manage the burden on tax payers while still maintaining the high level of services residents expect.

 Following the Nov. 2020 operating budget review, the increase to the municipal portion of property taxes is expected to remain at 0 for 2021 and 2022.

How do we stack up?

It’s always hard to compare apples to apples when looking at data but we do know, Lethbridge residents’ property taxes are $157 below the average of $3,665 when compared to the 15 largest Alberta municipalities. We also know, the level of services we get in Lethbridge is much higher.


If Lethbridge had a nickname, it might be Steady Eddy. House prices stay very consistent and are lower than most other municipalities (see average cost of single family home - left). This means both a mortgage and property taxes will be lower compared to a similar home in other cities. This is thanks to thoughtful planning and land development as well as a stable economy that protects us against the boom and bust that other communities might experience. 

Resident satisfaction

We know no one likes to pay taxes but when we ask residents to think about the value they get living in Lethbridge, the satisfaction is very high.

In the 2020 Resident Satisfaction survey, 94% rated the quality of life in Lethbridge as good or very good. The satisfaction for the services provided is also very high.