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Affordable and Social Housing Capital Grant

Addressing identified housing gaps in Lethbridge and achieving the community's desired future outcomes for the housing system requires collaboration and innovation working with new and existing partners. Although the provision of non-market housing is the responsibility of senior levels of government, the City, non-profit and private housing partners, and residents themselves have important roles to play in achieving the desired future outcomes.

The City of Lethbridge has developed a Municipal Housing Strategy in alignment with the federal National Housing Strategy, in order to leverage provincial and federal resources and strategically allocate those resources to projects that best meet the range of housing needs in the community. 

It is the policy of the City to leverage its role in land development to provide financial support through its Affordable and Social Housing Capital Project Grant Program for eligible facilities and projects in pursuit of the following goals:

  1. Support not-for-profit and private organizations in the development of an adequate supply of social and affordable housing in Lethbridge.
  2. Provide financial assistance for these organizations in their efforts to construct, renovate or retrofit social and affordable housing units.
  3. Maximize the use of funds from other sources for investment in social and affordable housing.
  4. Funding for the grant may be from multiple sources including the City of Lethbridge Housing Fund, other levels of government and other external sources such as philanthropic donations.

Are you a registered private or not-for-profit community organization or public institution with demonstrated experience in housing management? 

Interested in applying?

Read the ASHCG Information Sheet for details.

Submissions must include:

  1. Application Form - Fillable PDF
  2. Project Budget (example) 
  3. Long-term Operating Budget (example) 
**Please note: You may use alternate budget documents, as long as they include all of the information set out in the template examples. 
If you would like an Excel template of the Project Budget or Long-term Operating Budget, please email the Municipal Housing Specialist.

Applications may be submitted anytime, however, may be waitlisted depending on available funding.

Access to affordable housing identifies as a priority within the City of Lethbridge's Community and Wellbeing Safety Strategy, as housing is a key basic need for individual wellbeing. We are working with our provincial and federal government, community, and private sector partners to enhance access and appropriate levels of housing for Lethbridge citizens.

For more information on the grant and application process, contact 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Accordion Answer

Yes. Prior to the approval of this grant application, the project must receive all necessary land use related approvals including but not limited to: development permits, building permits, land use amendment (rezoning, approved by City Council) etc. If development approval is granted as a discretionary use or a permitted use with waivers, 21 days must elapse from the date of public advertising of the discretionary use or waiver approval. If any approval or permit lapses, funding approval may be cancelled, at City Council's discretion.


To verify that the property for your project is in the required land use district (zoning), contact Planning and Design at 403-320-3920 or

Please note that your application may be subject to an appeal if:

  • The Use required for your intended project is a Permitted Use under the property's land use designation (zoning) and your project proposal includes any waiver requests.
  • The Use required for your intended project is a Discretionary Use under the property's land use designation (zoning).



​The development permit application costs are not eligible for reimbursement as part of this grant application.


​There is no deadline. Applications are accepted at any time.


​Applications for funding of $300,000 or less will be processed, reviewed and approved by City of Lethbridge Administration. Any application for funding over $300,000 will be presented to City Council for approval. 

  1. ​30% upon execution of funding agreement
  2. 30% upon approval of development permit for project
  3. 40% upon receipt of occupancy permit


​The grant funding requires applicants to contribute a minimum financial funding commitment of 25% of the total project costs associated with the affordable and social component of the proposed project.


Please refer to the City of Lethbridge Affordable and Social Housing Project policy (CC49) or ASHCG Information Sheet for more information.