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Community Wellbeing & Safety Strategy (CWSS)

Lethbridge’s Community Wellbeing & Safety Strategy lays the framework for programs and services that support the health and wellbeing of all residents in our community.

In late 2018 and throughout 2019, CSD completed a comprehensive process to develop a 5-year Strategic Plan grounded in research, data analyses, best practices, and community engagement. A Needs Assessment was completed that compiled findings from available federal, provincial and municipal data sources, public engagement and consultations, information from other initiatives, and social asset mapping to discern the priority social challenges in Lethbridge.

It became clear as the community engagement progressed that an intentional collective effort was needed across stakeholders working on social issues. Stakeholders strongly supported an effort to pull together the diverse efforts underway and ensure maximum impact. There was a significant alignment from the research conducted and stakeholder consultations for the development of a fulsome Community Wellbeing & Safety Strategy that would address high-level priorities and help move community efforts in the same direction with clear accountabilities and timelines. The 4 key concepts of the CWSS are; Systems Planning & Integration, Collective Impact, Individual Wellbeing and Community Governance. 

Phase 1:

The City of Lethbridge's role is to act as convenor, collaborator, and catalyst for funding, and establish a streamlined, integrated system of care.

The Backbone Organisation's key roles include:

» Funding Coordination

» Capacity Building

» Partnerships & Innovation

» Leadership & Accountability

» Systems Planning

Phase 2:

Community-based Governance: refers to community ownership and co-creation of the mechanisms used to deliver oversight for outcomes monitoring and performance management, the coordination of diverse funding streams, and the development of local strategies to operationalize provincial direction. This will encourage leveraging of coordinated funding and efforts across the community, rather than solely on what the government directly funds. 

 For more information please see the following documents: