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Community Connections

The Community and Social Development Group works to support all citizens in Lethbridge to thrive, be successful, and fully participate in our community.  There are services and groups that work with and for Children, Youth, Families, as well as Older Persons (as linked below) to meet needs, and build a resilient community.

Our Partners

There are several agencies that partner with the City of Lethbridge and receive program funding to provide these services within the community.  These can be found via the link below to our Partner Agencies.  Additionally, Community LINKS is an information and referral service available for all citizens to 'get connected' to the right services.

Other resources available to Lethbridge citizens include our Partner Agencies which offer Individual and Family Counselling.  Counselling services are also available through FCSS funding.  These services provide help when individuals or families really need it to:

  • Provide early intervention and crisis prevention counselling for up to 6 sessions,
  • Provide subsidies to qualified, low income individuals or families,
  • Increase and develop skills for people to function more effectively,
  • Build upon tools to address stress related to life stages, self-esteem, relationships and family issues.


Many services, events and opportunities are available in Lethbridge due to strong community leaders and volunteers that support the CSD Group, as well as many of our Partner Agencies.  Volunteering has a lasting, positive impact on our community.  It helps to make organizations stronger, allowing them to offer more programs to more people.  Those who volunteer see many benefits:

  • Learning new skills,
  • Feeling a sense of belonging,
  • Meeting new and different people,
  • Feeling good about helping, and
  • Opening doors to careers and education (volunteerism looks great on a resume!)

The City of Lethbridge is proud to support volunteerism in our community.  Contact for more information and opportunities, or visit our events page to learn about volunteer opportunities within CSD sponsored or partnered events.


"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they're priceless."

     ~Sherry Anderson