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FAQ-Drug Crisis Community Meeting

​Frequently Asked Questions & Related Information from the July 9, 2018 Community Meeting on the Drug Crisis & Needle Debris


  1. Who do I call for needle pick up?
    • Call the ARCHES Needle Debris Hotline at 403-332-0722
  2. Are other agencies involved in picking up needles?
    • Numerous groups are involved in removing needles across Lethbridge. This includes but is not limited to  ARCHES Lethbridge, Mobile Outreach Services, Downtown BRZ Clean Sweep program, City Parks, City Public Operations, Lethbridge Police, Lethbridge Fire & EMS. 
  3. Where can I find information on how to keep myself and my loved ones safe from the risk of discarded needles?
  4. What is a Safe Consumption Site, what does it do and where is it located in the city?
  5. Who should I talk to if I have more questions about the site?
  6. What is the drug problem in Lethbridge and how did it start? What are the police able to do about it?
  7. What are the health and safety risks in Lethbridge due to the Drug Crisis? How widespread is the concern in our community?
  8. Who should I call if I am concerned about my personal safety?
  9. If myself, or a friend/family member are in need of help from addiction, where can I go to get information?
  10. What is the coordinated effort being put in place to mitigate this problem in our community?
    • The Executives Leaders Coalition on Opioid Use was formed in November 2016 and is comprised of 16 local organizations. The mandate is to improve coordination of services to respond effectively to the drug crisis in Lethbridge and includes representatives from the health, police, justice, emergency medical, post-secondary, municipal, educations and social service sectors.
    • To learn more, visit