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Hoarding Outreach Management & Education (HOME) Committee

​The City of Lethbridge Hoarding Outreach Management & Education (HOME) Committee was created as an extension of the work being done through SHIA and the Bringing Lethbridge Home initiative as a means of prevention of homelessness. The committee is made up of professionals from various services throughout the city who all provide their time on a volunteer basis. These include:
  • The City of Lethbridge
    • Regulatory Services
    • Community and Social Development
    • LRPS
    • Lethbridge Fire Department
  • Alberta Health Services
    • Public Health
    • Clinical Intervention and Support
    • Seniors Mental Health
  • Volunteer Lethbridge
  • Associates Counselling
  • Seniors Centres
    • LSCO
    • Nord-Bridge
  • Office of the Public Guardian/Trustee
  • Lethbridge Housing Authority
  • And more

 The Hoarding Committee was established to provide hoarding support in the three areas of Consultation, Education, and Intervention. Referrals are made through phone or email (see below) and include the completing of an intake/consultation form identifying key details of the case. It should be noted that assistance in the intervention category will be limited if the individual with the hoarding issues is not either in wanting support or feeling like they have a problem. The committee also requests that there be a constant support connected to the person with hoarding issues such as a family member, friend, agency worker, etc. This is so that there is always a contact person for updates and to have a trusted person involved. 

Once referral information is obtained, the committee will review it and determine the most appropriate method of assistance, and who can be involved. The individual making the referral will be contacted for next steps which may include having specific hoarding assessments to be completed.  

The committee meets monthly so it is important to be patient when making a referral and receiving feedback. To make a referral, interest in committee participation, or for further questions please contact 403-330-7640 or 587-220-8646 or email