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Neighbour Day

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Neighbour Day | 3rd Saturday of June
Meet your Neighbour, Grow your Community

What is Neighbour Day?

The idea is to meet neighbours, make new friends, have fun and maybe work together on a project that benefits the entire community. It is an opportunity to celebrate community by connecting with neighbours, the very people we live next door to and to grow community.​

What can you do to celebrate Neighbour Day?

There are many ways for you to connect with your neighbours and celebrate the vibrancy of your community. Here are just a few suggestions.
  • host a block party (using this guide)
  • have a neighbourhood picnic at a local park
  • host a neighbourhood potluck or BBQ
  • host afternoon tea in your backyard
  • parade of lawn parties
  • hold a sidewalk chalk drawing challenge
  • participate in the Clean Community Challenge
  • participate in Cheers4Lethbridge
  • help your neighbour with their spring cleaning or gardening 
  • or be creative in your own way to celebrate community spirit in Lethbridge

More ideas can be found here:

Ways to Connect and Celebrate​

Is there funding support available?

The short answer, yes! - there is funding support to help you plan a successful Neighbour Day event.

Please see HERE for 2019 Grant Application.  
NOTE: 2019 will be the final year this grant is available. 

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