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Neighbourhood Associations

What is a Neighbourhood Association? 

A Neighbourhood Association provides the framework to educate, communicate and support Neighbourhood initiatives. They are a registered Society with a volunteer run Board of Directors that has a general mission to improve the neighbourhood life within a specific boundary.

The Council of Lethbridge Neighbourhoods has take a leadership role in working with and developing local neighbourhood associations.  Their website is available here:  A list of Lethbridge's established Neighbourhood Associations are also available on this page.

What do Neighbourhood Associations do?

  • They are the voice for the community and work to educate the City and residents about your needs and vision for future. 
  • Promote working with other local associations, businesses and the City to achieve mutual goals and share responsibility. 
  • Create “sense of place” within a community by identifying and leveraging assets, talents and resources. 
  • Provide framework to support neighbourhood wide campaigns and initiatives.

What are the Benefits of a Neighbourhood Association?

  • Incorporated as a Registered Society 
  • Insurance and liability coverage 
  • Grants and funding available as well as the ability to fundraise 
  • An Association can enter into legal contracts 
  • An Association can own property 
  • Formal recognition as an Official Organization
  • Act as an advocate for your community needs 
  • Pride in making a difference and experience you can take with you anywhere 

Who Participates?

  • Any resident, property owner or business within the boundaries of a neighbourhood who wants a voice in the decision making for their community. 
  • A Neighbourhood Association requires a minimum of 5 members to form.

How do Neighbourhood Associations form? 

Citizens form Neighbourhood Associations for various reasons, but primarily it is a way to engage citizens in the local community of their neighbourhood. These Neighbourhood Associations are formally established through the same process as any other community or service group, which is a fairly simple and straight forward process. 

Use this guide to help guide you through the process of establishing a Neighbourhood Association.