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What are Supervised Consumption Services?

​Supervised Consumption Services (SCS) provide a safe, clean space for people who use drugs to do so under the supervision of health care professionals without the fear of arrest or accidental overdose. Access to support services such as counselling, education, and treatment for drug addictions is also provided.

Supervised Consumption Services are part of a range of evidence-based interventions that include prevention, harm reduction and treatment for members of our community living with substance abuse challenges.

Benefits of Supervised Consumption Services:

  • Fewer overdose deaths
  • Fewer discarded needles in public places
  • Less public drug use
  • Less transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C from reduced sharing of needles
  • Increased use of detox and treatment services resulting in improved health for
  • Reduced petty crime in the vicinity of the Supervised Consumption Services facility

Supervised Consumption Services help save lives and foster safer communities

Along with offering needle exchange, naloxone, and access to opioid dependency treatment, Supervised Consumption Services help reduce harms from substance abuse such as HIV, Hepatitis C, bacterial infections and overdose deaths.

Supervised Consumption Services have proven to save lives while being cost effective, and foster a safer environment for people who use drugs as well as for the general public.

For the past 30 years, Supervised Consumption Services (SCS) have been part of a wider range of harm reduction programs in many places across the globe, including Canada.

Supervised Consumption Services reflect a growing understanding by both policy makers and the public that drug use is not a moral failing, but rather a public health issue that needs to be addressed through evidence-based health and social interventions.