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A Welcoming and Inclusive Lethbridge

​​Building a 'Welcoming and Inclusive Lethbridge' is a priority for the City of Lethbridge.  Three key initiatives are supported by the Community & Social Development (CSD) Group and work to enhance this value in community through a variety of initiatives. 


The Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CMARD)is a commitment by the City of Lethbridge to Build a Welcoming and Inclusive Community for all of its citizens, regardless of background, culture, way of life, ability and/or source of income.  The Building Bridges Action Plan to a Welcoming and Inclusive Lethbridge (available in the CMARD Documents section) guides this process.  Engagement with community, incredible volunteer commitment, various events, and projects play a significant role in implementing the Action Plan.

Beyond Your Front Door

CMARD also oversees the Neighbourhoods initiative Beyond Your Front Door (BYFD).  BYFD works with neighbourhoods to enhance a sense of belonging and feeling welcome and included from a grassroots level.  BYFD encourages people to discover their community and promotes the creation of neighbourhood associations to continue this work. 

Vibrant Lethbridge

The Vibrant Lethbridge is a Poverty Reduction Group.  It is a collaborative group of people from the community and various agencies. As an integral priority of the Social Policy their purpose, under the Community & Social Development Committee of Council, is to:

  • Elevate the profile and prevalence of poverty in Lethbridge,
  • Engage Community partners,
  • Identify community stren​gths to reduce poverty and its impact,
  • Identify systems, programs, and interventions to strengthen the  community's response to poverty related issues,
  • Support and inform the community and the Provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy, and
  • Advocate to other levels of government about the impact of poverty in Lethbridge.
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