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2012 Pathways Construction

​Current Status Complete​
​Timeline ​Expected to be Complete Summer 2012
​Location West Side​

Description of the Project

This project will construct 3 pathways at various locations throughout the City of Lethbridge. All 3 pathways are to be constructed by LA Paving from Magrath.


The City of Lethbridge completed the Bikes and Pathways Master Plan in March 2007, which was subsequently endorsed by City Council in the Summer of 2007. The Master Plan has proposed a bike and pathway classification and has identified a number of corridors for bikeways and pathways developed in the City of Lethbridge. These pathways are part of the implementation plan to the system.


The scope of the work includes materials supply and installation of all pathways and stairs including erosion control measures during construction.


Complete construction of 3 pathway segments:

  • Columbia Boulevard West
    • 2 metre wide asphalt pathway
    • Connects McMaster Boulevard with Laval Boulevard along Columbia Boulevard
  • Whoop Up to University Drive
    • 3 metre wide asphalt pathway
    • Aligned along the interchange ramps from south bound University Drive to west bound Whoop Up Drive
  • Canyon Crest
    • 1 metre wide crushed limestone pathway
    • Provide local residents access to the coulees


​Source ​Amount
Pay As You Go​ ​$626,672
Total​ $626,672​




Contact Information

Dave Ellis, Parks Manager
403 320 3848