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2012 Playground Renovations

​Current Status Complete​
​Timeline Expected to Be Completed Fall 2012​
​Location ​Various Playgrounds Across the City


This project will replace 9 existing city-wide playgrounds that are due for replacement. All 9 playgrounds are to be renovated by Habitat Systems.


The City of Lethbridge is undertaking a renovation and refurbishment program to repair and replace aging playgrounds and play equipment in several municipal parks throughout the city.
In 2012 this program will include the renovation of existing playgrounds and the installation of new play equipment in up to nine existing playground sites. These sites include:
•  Jeanne Sauve playground (Pavan Park)
•  Meadowlark playground
•  St. Francis playground
•  Kinette Active Park (Lakeview Park)
•  Kings Crescent playground
•  Ridgewood playground
•  Willowbrook playground
•  Mt. Crandell playground
•  Tartan Circle playground


Preparation of conceptual layout designs of all play equipment including representations
and descriptions of all equipment, proposed locations, fall zone requirements, no
encroachment zones, play surface depths and requirements, materials, colours, special
features and conditions.
Manufacture, supply, storage as necessary, and delivery to the individual playground
sites of all materials, tools, fixtures, and equipment necessary for the complete
installation of all playground elements.
Submission of letters of compliance certifying that all equipment complies with and has
been installed to meet all applicable CSA and City of Lethbridge standards and
Warranty of all equipment and workmanship for a period of not less than 1 year.
All associated removals, and landscape work related to the supply, design and
installation of new playground equipment including but not limited to:
•  Irrigation repair
•  Tree planting and removal
•  Pathway construction
•  Header and surfacing installation
•  Light standard installation
•  And general landscape construction


• Nine (9) new playground installations completely installed by September 2012
• Finished landscaping


This project addresses the asset management of an aging fleet of playgrounds that need replacing to meet current CSA standards.



Jeanne Sauve Playground Playgrounds/Jeanne Sauve Playground.jpgJeanne Sauve Playground
Kings Crescent Playground Playgrounds/Kings Crescent Playground.jpgKings Crescent Playground
Lakeview Gym Playground Playgrounds/Lakeview Gym Playground.jpgLakeview Gym Playground
Meadowlark Playground Playgrounds/Meadowlark Playground.jpgMeadowlark Playground
Mt Crandell Playground Playgrounds/Mt Crandell Playground.jpgMt Crandell Playground
Ridgewood Playground Playgrounds/Ridgewood Playground.jpgRidgewood Playground
JMAA Architecture Sketch Playgrounds/SAEA.jpgJMAA Architecture Sketch
St Francis Playground Playgrounds/St Francis Playground.jpgSt Francis Playground
Tartan Circle Playground Playgrounds/Tartan Circle Playground.jpgTartan Circle Playground
Willowbrook Playground Playgrounds/Willowbrook Playground.jpgWillowbrook Playground


​Source ​Amount
Pay As You Go​ ​$567,000
Internal Borrowing​ ​$386,158​
Total​ ​$953,158​



Contact Information

Dave Ellis, Parks Manager
403 320 3848