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Public Realm Enhancements (D-24)

​Current Status
​Time line ​2019-2021
​Location ​Various locations downtown

Project Update

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About the Project

The primary objective of this project is to create vibrant, beautiful, exciting, accessible, sustainable public space in the Downtown without compromising its functionality. This work is a combination of several projects including:

  • installation of new street furniture

  • replacement of obsolete or worn out street furniture

  • replacement of trees and tree grates

  • expanded use of public spaces through the creation of parklets and sidewalk bump-outs near existing eateries

  • creation of public art sites and installation of public art works and other complementary features

These changes will be introduced along 4th Avenue S and other appropriate locations throughout the downtown where there are noticeable gaps in infrastructure and/or where good opportunities present themselves. 



​Source ​Amount
​Capital Improvement Program

Contact Information

Andrew Malcolm
Urban Revitalization Manager, City of Lethbridge