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5 Avenue South Watermain Renewal

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In an effort to provide quality service and minimize disruption to businesses in this area, the City of Lethbridge is coordinating several projects around 5 Avenue South over the next six to 12 months in conjunction with the Lethbridge Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal construction.

Starting Monday, June 25, crews will be working on the renewal of water lines to replace aging infrastructure. This will improve service to existing businesses in this area and support the infrastructure needed for the new Transit Terminal as we grow and improve our transit services.

This work will be coordinated with the ongoing construction of the Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal. Every effort will be made to minimize disruption to parking, traffic flow and business access in the area, however, some road closures will be required. Pedestrian access will not be impacted.

Project Timelines

  1. (COMPLETED) June 25 to mid-July: The initial phase of watermain renewal work will require a partial/full road closure in the 700 and 800 blocks of 5 Avenue South. This will impact Zone 3 and 10 parking from Stafford Drive to 8 Street South. 

    Note: Partial lane closures along these blocks may remain in effect until the end of September as concrete is transported into the Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal site.

  2. (COMPLETED) Mid-July to mid-August: There will be a full road closure in the 400 block of 8 Street South. This will impact Zone 3 parking zones. The intersection at 5 Avenue South and 7 Street will be opened to accommodate parking and northbound and southbound traffic in this area.

  3. (COMPLETED) Mid-August to Mid-September: There will be a full road closure in the 400 block of 7 Street South. The intersection at 5 Avenue South and 8 Street South will be opened to accommodate those travelling northbound and southbound in this area. Zone 3 parking may be impacted by this closure.

  4. Fall 2018: Installation of water service lines to the Transit Terminal. Road closures to be determined as needed.