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Bike Boulevard Engagement

​​​ What we've heard

The development of the Bike Boulevard has spanned over several years and has included numerous community and stakeholder consultations.

1. 6 Ave. S. Functional Planning Study
As the 6 Ave. S. Functional Planning Study evolved, it became evident that enhanced cycling infrastructure along 7 Ave. S. could be a positive result for both residents and users of 6 and 7 Ave. S.

View the planning and engagement activities for this project here.

In order to engage those potentially impacted by this change a separate, invite-only, open house was arranged for 7 Ave S residents. This event was held at City Hall on the same day, but just prior to, the public session. More than 120 people attended the initial open house with an additional 80+ at the public portion with favourable feedback from the community.

Feedback was received through face to face conversations, notations on 6 Ave. S. maps, comment forms and through online surveys at each event. The online survey was powered by Survey Monkey and surveys were open for feedback for 3 weeks and promoted via City of Lethbridge social media for regular reminders to participate.

View public feedback.

2. Cycling Master Plan
After 18 months of community engagement, research and planning, City Council adopted the City of Lethbridge's new Cycling Master Plan in July 2017, which will guide future decision making on cycling infrastructure.  

Information on this project, including research gathered and community feedback collected can be found here.

3. 100K Day October 12, 2016
100K Day was an invitation to all Lethbridge residents to learn more about how the City is planning for 100,000 residents. This included the Cycling Master Plan and Bike Boulevard projects. View the community feedback report here.

4. Neighbourhood Block Parties
The City's Transportation Planning and Recreation and Culture staff attended two Neighbourhood Block Parties in the London Road area to talk about cycling and the design of the Bike Boulevard. The event held on Neighbour Day 2016 was specifically themed around cycling. These were well-attended events with very positive feedback provided. 

5. Meetings with Neighbourhood Associations
Engagement activities for many planning projects including the 6 Ave. S Functional Planning Study and the Cycling Master Plan have included stakeholder meetings. Neighbourhood Associations were invited to participate in these workshops where information was shared about the Bike Boulevard. These connections have been very helpful in sharing feedback and giving information back to residents.

6. Bike Boulevard Design Open House
On April 11, 2017, an open house was held at the Multicultural Centre to share the design concepts of the Bike Boulevard, prior to construction. Letters were delivered to homes in the area and it was promoted via social media, media and on the City website.

103 people provided feedback at this event. Approximately 70% of those attending lived in the areas impacted by the change. An online survey was also open following the event to gather additional feedback.

Participants were asked: "Do you have any comments or suggestions you would like considered as part of the design or construction of the 7th Ave. S. Bike Boulevard? View feedback here .

7.  Capital Improvement Program
Community Engagement events where held in the spring of 2017 as part of the consultation on the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP). This included information and the opportunity to give feedback on both cycling paths and intersection improvements.

During the planning process for the 2018 - 2027 CIP, there were multiple ways for the public to get involved including:

  • Attending CIP presentations at regular Council meetings
  • Reviewing CIP storyboards in static display from April 10 - 16
  • Attending the Open House on April 26 at City Hall
  • Providing feedback online through the City of Lethbridge website

More information on the CIP can be found here.