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Complete Streets

​Current Status ​Ongoing
​Time line ​To be completed June 2020

About the Project

Complete Streets is a street design approach that aims to balance the needs of all residents regardless of their mode of transportation, age, physical mobility or socioeconomic status.

Lethbridge has multiple plans which encourage different transportation options like walking, cycling and transit. These include:

  • Integrated Community Sustainability Plan / Municipal Development Plan

  • Transportation Master Plan

  • Cycling Master Plan

Complete Streets principles link these plans to our design standards creating more livable neighbourhoods that provide options for residents.

Complete Streets helps us ensure our streets are safe, cost-effective and equitable, while making efficient use of land and promoting good health. 

Various Complete Streets guidelines, projects and policies are in place in over 80 municipalities across Canada, including 9 in Alberta. 

Project Updates

May 2019

  • A Technical Working Group was formed, including City departments and the building and developing industry

  • The vision statement and strategy document has been completed

  • The guidelines and standards review is underway

  • The project is expected to wrap up June 2020

  • Street projects will then follow these new standards

Contact Information

Adam St. Amant, Transportation Engineer – 403 320 3845 -

Janet Gutsell – Urban Construction Coordinator – 403 320 3091 -

Ross Kilgour – Senior Community Planner – 403 320 4237 -