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Cottonwood Park Pathway Improvements

Project Status Completed
Project Type Parks
Timeline All work will be complete before the end of October.
Budget (sources) $450,000.00
Expenditures to Date  
Budget Status Under Budget

​The pathway system in Cottonwood Park is over 30 years old and is due for improvements. The existing pathway is steep and has become ingrown with vegetation and degraded due to erosion is many areas and does not meet Parks standards for safety or use.

This project includes

  • Replacing the existing shale pathway with a 1.5 metre wide limestone pathway,
  • Addition of a limestone pathway along the existing maintenance road alignment, 
  • Rebuild existing stairs and install new stairs in areas of steep slope,
  • Installation of hand rails in portions of the pathway to increase user comfort and accessibility,
  • Expansion and rehabilitation of the current parking area to accommodate more vehicles,  
  • Drainage considerations, and
  • Landscape and fencing remediation to all disturbed areas.

The improved pathway and parking area will increase safety, accessibility, capacity and comfort for all park users.

The park and pathways will be closed to users for the duration of the project.


​Operating Budget

Contact Information

Craig Richter
Parks Development Manager