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Curbside Recycling (E-6)


Current Status Complete
Time line 2018-2019
Location city-wide
About the Project

A curbside recycling program (blue cart) will be fully implemented in Lethbridge in 2019. A curbside recycling program helps our community become a player in the world-wide efforts to conserve resources for generations to come.

This project includes:

  • Coordination of a city-wide curbside recycling program.
  • Construction of a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to process recycled materials.
  • Purchase of carts and bins for both single family and multi-family homes.
  • Purchase of two additional collection trucks and expansion of the Waste & Recycling garage.
  • Public engagement and education to ensure a successful program roll-out.

For details visit our Frequently Asked Questions

Project Updates
Curbside Recycling was rolled out community-wide in mid-May 2019.

April 2019 - Rows upon rows of blue carts arrive and deliver begins across the city ahead of the first city-wide curbside recycling pickup. The carts are delivered with an information package including a user guide, schedule map and tips for bi-weekly garbage collection. Depending on where residents live, their first blue cart pickup will happen between May 14 and May 24. 

March 2019 - Timelines for the rollout of curbside recycling were confirmed. Blue carts are scheduled to be delivered to all Lethbridge homes between April 15 and May 10 and the first pickups will begin on May 14.

January 2019 - The official launch of the curbside recycling education program begins along with the introduction of the new website. Residents are given the opportunity to select between a 240L blue cart or a 360L blue cart prior to the carts being ordered. 

November 2018 - Final concrete work has been completed on the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Over the next several months construction crews will continue to close in the building and wrap-up the inside finishing work prior to equipment installation.  

September 2018 - The steel beams are going up at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) ahead of the concrete slab being poured in the next few weeks. This facility is being built at the Waste and Recycling Centre (landfill) and will be used to sort recyclable material when city-wide implementation of curbside recycling happens next spring. 

June 2018 - Phase 1 of multi-family curbside recycling began with the delivery large communal on-site recycling bins to 8 different complexes across the city. 

Spring 2018 - Construction of the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) began at the Waste and Recycling Centre. 

April 2018 - Blue carts were delivered to 900 single family homes as phase 1 of the curbside recycling program began. 


The best way to keep materials out of the landfill is to make recycling easy and convenient for all residents with a universal curbside recycling program. This program will see bi-weekly recycling provided to 33,000 single family households and 5,500 multi-family households. Upon full implementation, residents will get garbage and recycling pick-up on alternating weeks.

In 2018, the City of Lethbridge will launch Phase 1 of the curbside recycling program to a designated group of approximately 1000 households. Phase 1 participants will become active partners in building the City's residential curbside recycling program, engaging with program planners and providing ongoing feedback prior to city-wide implementation in 2019.

Recyclables accepted will include:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Tin cans
  • Hard plastics imprinted with recycling number 1-7

Items not accepted in curbside program:

  • Plastic bags (accepted at recycling depots)
  • Glass​
  • Styrofoam (not recyclable in Lethbridge at this time)

All materials will be shipped to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for processing located at the City's Waste & Recycling Centre. The City of Lethbridge will undertake the design and construction of the MRF facility commencing in 2017. The facility is expected to be operational in spring 2019.

A drop-off location is part of most recycling systems and the City recycling depots will continue to be used in this capacity.

Residents will see an increase of $7/month on their utility bill beginning in 2019 to support the on-going operation of the curbside recycling program.

This program roll out is only for recyclable materials. At this time, the City of Lethbridge does not have Green Cart recycling program for organic material.

For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions


Source Amount

​City of Lethbridge (Capital Improvement Program)





Waste Diversion Policy  
Residential Waste Diversion Strategy
Business Waste Diversion Strategy

Click here to view 2018-2027 CIP E-6


Contact Information

Waste and Recycling Services General Manager
Joel Sanchez
Phone: 403-320-3037