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Facility Assessment and Accessibility Upgrades (D-12)

Project Status Construction
Project Type Facility
Timeline Ongoing
Budget (sources) $400,000.00
Expenditures to Date $211,803.00
Budget Status On Budget


About the Project

This project includes the implementation of various accessibility upgrades at City-owned facilities.  The project budget is $100,000/year ($400K over 4 years).  Potential projects could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • installation of barrier-free ramps to main entrances
  • installation of automatic doors
  • reconfiguration of existing public washrooms
  • widening of doorways
  • installation of gender-neutral washrooms

Project Updates 


Fall 2021

Washroom renovations at Police HQ and implementation of various upgrades at the Galt Museum and Fort Whoop Up are planned for this Fall.  Additional projects will be identified and completed over the next few years based on priority and available funding.

Summer 2020

Installation of automatic doors at Logan Boulet Arena, and accessible parking stall line painting at Stan Siwik Pool. 

Summer 2019

Renovation of main floor washrooms at the YWCA.

February 2019

Completion of assessment report.

June 2018

Installation of accessible lift at Stan Siwik Pool. 




​PAYG - Community​$400,000​Other


Contact Information

Sam Conard, Facility Services
Project Manager