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Facility Assessment and Energy Efficiency Upgrades (D-13)

Project Status Planning
Project Type Facility
Timeline January 2020 - completion of energy audit report
Ongoing implementation of energy efficiency projects
Budget (sources) $300,000.00
Expenditures to Date $40,500.00
Budget Status On Budget

​About the Project

This project includes the implementation of various energy efficiency upgrades at City-owned facilities.  The project budget is $300,000/year ($1.2M over four years).  Potential projects could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • building envelope improvements
  • mechanical and electrical system retrofits
  • combined heat and power systems
  • the installation of renewable energy systems (e.g., solar panels)

Project Update

Projects will be selected and implemented over the next few years based on priority and funding availability.



​PAYG - Community​$1,200,000​Other


Contact Information

Sam Conard, Facility Services
Project Manager