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Lethbridge Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal (D-15)

​Current Status ​Active
​Time line ​Construction 2018-19
​Location ​700 block of 5th Avenue South



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About the Project

The Lethbridge Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal will address current convenience and safety challenges in the downtown core and create an opportunity for the addition of a regional transit service.

The location of the transit terminal is a City owned parking lot (Bompass) located on 5 Avenue South between 7 and 8 Street. The terminal will improve accessibility with ten drop-off/pick-up locations and one-way traffic flow in and out of the site. This project includes a three level parking structure (293 stalls) above the parking terminal, providing weather protection.

Construction of the transit terminal began in early 2018 with completion expected in 2019.​​​​

Project Updates

October 2018 - The installation of the pre-cast blocks continues and is nearing half-way to completion. This work is expected to wrap up near the end of October. At that time, the building will be closed up and heated so finishing work can be completed over the winter months. 

Summer 2018 - A concrete wall has been constructed to support the parkade ramp. A large crane was built on site that will be used to place the pre-cast concrete blocks making up the building. These arrive over an 8 week period. Once the blocks are in place, interior work can begin. 

Spring/Summer 2018 - Demolition of the old parking lot was completed and the site was prepared with concrete pilings.

Construction Impact

​We're excited to be building a Regional Park & Ride Transit Terminal downtown and although it will mean the loss of parking during construction, the long term benefits will far outweigh the short term inconvenience. ​​When completed, the project will add 293 parking stalls to the downtown.

In September 2017, the Bompass parking lot on 5th Ave. S. will be closed to accommodate construction of the Regional Park 'n' Ride. Those with permits for this lot have been notified of this change. 

​During construction there will also be a loss of angle parking around the perimeter of the construction site. 

We understand the inconvenience this will cause for those who park in and around the area. We encourage those impacted to consider other modes of transportation like carpooling, public transit, cycling and walking that will help us manage downtown parking pressures.​


This project is in line with the Government of Alberta's goals of promoting regional transit and reducing greenhouse gases.

In December 2016, the City received $10.1 million from the province's GreenTRIP program and $2 million from the federal Public Transportation Infrastructure Fund to support this project. In addition to the provincial and federal funding, the City of Lethbridge will contribute $4.9 million toward the overall $17 million cost of the transit terminal project.


The new facility will provide a central location for residents in surrounding communities to park their vehicle and access regional transit. Additionally, Lethbridge residents can easily access City transit to the terminal when taking a regional trip.

The terminal will include ticket stations, washrooms, protection from the weather and a safe and easy place to transfer buses.

Removing buses from 4 Avenue will also free up much needed downtown parking space and decrease the chance for collisions.​



​City of Lethbridge


​Federal Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF)


​Provincial Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF)$2,027,000

​Pr​ovincial​​​​​ GreenTRIP



Contact Information

Project Manager: 
Ric Johnston
City of Lethbridge ​