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Mayor Magrath Drive South Upgrades

​Current Status Complete
​Time line August 2014
​Location Mayor Magrath Drive South from 40th Street South to the City Limits​


This project is the construction of two additional traffic lanes along Mayor Magrath Drive South across Six Mile Coulee.  The project will extend from 40th Ave S to the south City limits and will include the construction of a new intersection at Prairie Arbour Blvd. 


June 19, 2014 - Between July 2 and August 31 we are installing concrete medians and placing the second layer of asphalt with permanent road markings.

July 17, 2013 - Road construction along Mayor Magrath Drive South, south of 40th Ave/Southgate Blvd is complete. Line painting is complete on the roadway and the regional pathway should be finished in the next week.
June 17, 2013 - Utility relocation work is nearly complete as City of Lethbridge Electric crews have relocated overhead power facilities into the underground duct system. Shaw is scheduled to relocate the remaining overhead facility next week. Once facilities are relocated, the existing power poles will be removed and landscape work will commence. This will include work to reconnect the Prairie Arbour pathway along the east side and a new asphalt pathway from 40th Ave to Prairie Arbour Blvd along the west side. All work should be completed by the end of July.
April 12, 2013 - Road construction along Mayor Magrath Drive South, south of 40th Avenue/Southgate Blvd has been completed with the exception of street lighting on the east side of the road, which will be completed this week. Other work not completed in 2012 including landscaping, the pathway construction and some line painting will be completed in the coming months.
February 1, 2013 - City crews are working to get street lights installed on the west side of Mayor Magrath Drive.  Pathway construction, final grading including topsoil placement and seeding as well as final line painting will be finished up in the Spring. 
December 7, 2012 - The Contractor has completed Roadway work, the 3000mm CSP Culvert Extension and Drainage Channels into Six Mile Coulee. Cleanup, topsoil placement, signage and some other grading work will be occurring off the roadway as the Contractor prepares for winter shutdown. Street lighting will hopefully commence in the coming weeks. In addition, some carry over work will continue in the spring
November 2, 2012 - The Contractor has recently completed the Concrete Barrier on the Westside of the Road and is currently working to pave the 2nd lift of Asphalt. Paving will continue through the weekend and should be completed in the next couple days. Traffic patterns will change during this period so motorists are asked to stay aware and follow signage. Next week the Contractor will begin work on the eastside guardrail and line painting. Street light installation will also commence in the coming week.
October 24, 2012 - The intersection at 48th Avenue South has been reopened.
October 12, 2012 - The Contractor has completed paving of bottom lift for southbound lanes on the section south of 48th Avenue South. Motorists will notice a smoother transition back to the Highway 5 alignment and wider lanes. All underground work has been completed around 48th Avenue South and the Contractor is focusing efforts to open the connection.

Next week the contractor will begin work on the large 3000mm culvert extension at the bottom of Six Mile Coulee. This work had been previously delayed due to higher than expected irrigation flow.
October 2, 2012 - The Contractor continues to excavate the old southbound lanes and build the new southbound alignment. The 48th Ave intersection is being rebuilt to the new profile and embankment on the west slope is progressing. In the coming weeks the contractor will continue to build the southbound lanes and install shallow utility conduit for future expansion.
September 14, 2012- New northbound lanes have received bottom lift paving and are now being used to accommodate travel in both directions. The contractor is currently working to lower the old road for the new southbound lanes. The detour for 48th Ave is in place and the new intersection at Prairie Arbour Blvd is now open to traffic. Work on Prairie Arbour Blvd will continue as the road is tied into the existing. Work on the west side fill and drainage channels are also underway.
The project has fallen slightly behind schedule due to wet material under the existing roadway and untimely rain.
August 21, 2012 - The contractor anticipates closing 48th Avenue South beginning August 23. This closure is scheduled to last approximately 6 weeks and is needed in order to facilitate installation of a culvert, shallow utilities and road construction.
August 16, 2012 - The Contractor has completed embankment fill on the eastside for the future Northbound lanes. Surfacing work will be underway over the next couple weeks and traffic will then be detoured onto the new lanes. All water management improvements on the east side have been completed including the SW and SE channels. Work will soon commence on the large 3000mm diameter culvert extension to facilitate fill on the Westside. Work is currently on schedule.  
July 31, 2012 - The Contractor continues to build the east side of the embankment for the future northbound lanes. Approximately 40,000m3 of Roadway Fill has been completed. The North East Channel Work has recently been completed and everything continues to be on schedule.


The City of Lethbridge hosted a public information session on July 24th, 2012 to discuss the details of this project with affected residents.


The design and construction of this project has previously been approved in the 2011 CIP as C-19 and was amended April 2, 2012. AMEC Earth and Environmental (AMEC) has been retained to complete the detailed design and provide tendering and construction services for this project.  The project has been tendered and deGraaf Excavating Ltd (deGraaf) has been hired as the prime contractor.


The work will build an additional two lanes across Six Mile Coulee, past 48th Ave S and Prairie Arbour Blvd S and then reduce back to two lanes along Highway 5, south of the City limits.  A large diameter culvert extension will be built in the bottom of the Six Mile Coulee to allow fill to be placed in the coulee to eliminate the current erosion problems adjacent to Mayor Magrath Drive and the Southridge neighborhood.  This project also includes remediation to the failed storm outfalls in the vicinity of this project.   


As commercial and residential development occurs in Southeast Lethbridge and industrial and passenger traffic generated from the Lethbridge County Airport continues to increase, roadway capacity improvements are required. 
The improvements being made to this road will provide needed access, enhance levels of service, reduce traffic congestion, road user costs, travel times, vehicle emissions and driver frustration. 



M1 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/M1.JPGM1
M2 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/M2.JPGM2
M3 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/M3.JPGM3
M4 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/M4.JPGM4
M5 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/M5.JPGM5
Magrath 1 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/Magrath 1.JPGMagrath 1
Magrath 2 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/Magrath 2.JPGMagrath 2
Magrath 3 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/Magrath 3.JPGMagrath 3
Magrath 4 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/Magrath 4.JPGMagrath 4
Magrath 5 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/Magrath 5.JPGMagrath 5
Magrath 6 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/Magrath 6.JPGMagrath 6
Magrath 7 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/Magrath 7.JPGMagrath 7
Magrath 8 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/Magrath 8.JPGMagrath 8
MMD 1 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 1.JPGMMD 1
MMD 2 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 2.jpgMMD 2
MMD 3 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 3.jpgMMD 3
MMD 4 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 4.JPGMMD 4
MMD 5 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 5.JPGMMD 5
MMD 6 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 6.JPGMMD 6
MMD 7 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 7.JPGMMD 7
MMD 8 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 8.jpgMMD 8
MMD 9 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 9.jpgMMD 9
MMD 91 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 91.jpgMMD 91
MMD 92 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 92.jpgMMD 92
MMD 93 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 93.jpgMMD 93
MMD 94 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 94.JPGMMD 94
MMD 95 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 95.JPGMMD 95
MMD 96 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 96.JPGMMD 96
MMD 97 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 97.JPGMMD 97
MMD 98 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 98.JPGMMD 98
MMD 99 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 99.JPGMMD 99
MMD 991 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 991.JPGMMD 991
MMD 992 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 992.JPGMMD 992
MMD 993 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 993.JPGMMD 993
MMD 994 Magrath Drive South Upgrades/MMD 994.JPGMMD 994

Click here for a map of the affected area



​Source ​Amount
Grant - AMIP (Alberta Municipal Infrastructure Program)​ ​$4,262,000
Grant - BCG (Basic Capital Grant)​ $1,188,000​
Offsite Levies​ ​$1,550,000
Total​ ​$7,000,000


This is the funding approved for Stage 1 of the project to be completed by November 2012. An additional $840,000 is expected to be spent for Stage 2 slated to start in 2014.


Contact Information

Richard Brummund, Manager - Road Infrastructure
403 3297337