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Métis Trail (Temple to Coalbrook Gate W)

Project Status Design
Project Type Transportation
Timeline Dec 2019 - Completion of detailed design and tender package
September 2020 - Construction starts
October 2021 - Construction completion
Budget (sources) $6,900,000.00
Expenditures to Date  
Budget Status  

This project completes Metis Trail between Coalbanks Link to the next entrance into Copperwood. Metis Trail will become a major north-south arterial road (similar to University Drive) and will provide the necessary access to the developments west of Metis Trail (Copperwood and Watermark neighbourhoods). The work will include a combination of underground utilities and first two lanes of Metis Trail from Temple Blvd to Coalbrook Gate. 

Sept 21- Dec 14, 2020

  • Grading and removal of existing asphalt and deep cut from Coalbanks Link to Temple Blvd W
  • Installation of deep sanitary sewer from Coalbanks Links southward.
  • Construction of storm sewer southward from tie-in south of Temple Blvd W
  • Grading of electrical duct bank corridor
  • Construction to resume in spring 2021


Contact Information

Naftali Kiboya, P. Eng.
Transportation Project Engineer
Phone: 403-320-3117