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Metis Trail Sewer Installation (EO-1)

​Current Status Complete
Time Line​ 2015
Location​ Overall Project Area


West Lethbridge has one dedicated sanitary sewer crossing which carries all of the wastewater across the Oldman River to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). This sewer line was at its capacity and an additional sewer line  was needed for the growth of West Lethbridge. During the Bridge Drive Utility Corridor project, that crossing was completed and a new sewer line was installed from Walsh Drive to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Currently the subdivisions of Copperwood, Crossings, Garry Station and Country Meadows all flow into the original sewer line. The Metis Trail Sanitary Sewer Project will construct a new sewer line underneath the future Metis Trail, which will channel these subdivisions wastewater to the new Bridge Drive sewer line. This will provide some relief to the existing sewer system as well as allow for the continued expansion of West Lethbridge.

Installing this pipeline will require substantial excavation and is being done ahead of the Metis Trail road construction to allow adequate time for any settling that may occur.


August 19, 2015
The project is now substantially complete.

July 20, 2015
Pipeline installation is complete and the sewer is now in service. Our contractor is currently in the process of replacing topsoil, installing wind fencing and top seeding the remaining  affected areas. Thank you to all the nearby residents for their patience and understanding throughout this project. A site inspection will be performed in the coming weeks to ensure that the work area was left in a suitable condition . If you have any comments or feedback about the project please contact the project manager at the information provided below.

June 16, 2015
The pipeline has been completely installed from Whoop-Up Dr to Garry Dr; the exposed area will be reclaimed with topsoil and grass seed starting Monday, June 15th. The section of pipe installation north of Garry Dr is ongoing and scheduled for full completion in mid-July.

May 25, 2015
Pipeline installation is nearly complete between Garry Dr. W. and Whoop-Up Dr. W., with the backfill operation ongoing. The pipeline crew will be moving to the northern section of the project to install the pipe between Garry Dr. W. and Walsh Dr. W. Thanks to everyone nearby for their patience and understanding throughout this project. After the backfill and rough grading is completed, we will be replacing the topsoil, seeding and placing additional wind fences. If you are experiencing dust problems, please contact Eric Fergason at 403 329 7316 for assistance.

April 30, 2015
The precut is nearly finished between Garry Dr. W. and Whoop-Up Dr. W., pipeline installation will begin as early as tomorrow. Our contractor will be backfilling the trench with the precut as they move along. Thank you to everyone nearby for your patience and understanding. If you are experiencing dust problems, please contact Eric Fergason at 403 329 7316 for assistance. As this first phase of installation moves forward, site preparation of the area between Garry Dr. W. and Walsh Dr. W. will begin.
April 13, 2015
Our contractor has begun their precut for the pipeline in between Whoop Up and Garry Dr. Once enough material has been removed, they will begin to excavate and install the pipeline. The contractor will remain in this general area for approximately two months before the have completed the installation. Please use caution when travelling the pathway starting at the end of Blackfoot Blvd connecting to the Crossings Subdivision. It is being left open for as long as possible for convenience but may have construction traffic within its vicinity.  


Budget - $4,750,000


Overall Timeline – 9 months, beginning March 2015
Rainfall and extreme cold may delay progress but once started, there are approximately 90 days of construction anticipated.


Notification letters: All residents adjacent to construction will be mailed a letter prior to the start of construction to alert them of the project. An update will be sent midway through the project to keep the residents informed.
Dust Control: A robust dust control plan has been created for this project. Despite our best efforts, residents may have problems with airborne material. We have created a corporate dust control strategy to help manage dust control for all Lethbridge construction. Part of the strategy involves one central point of contact. Please contact Eric Furgason at 403 329 7316 for assistance on this or any other project.
Road Closure Notification: There is one planned road closure for this project. A message board will be put in place to alert residents one week prior to any disruptions. The closure is tentatively scheduled for the end of the project and will last approximately three days.
Service Interruption: Residents will experience no disruption to their sewer service over the course of this project. Should you have any problems, please contact Public Operations at   403 320 3850 for assistance.

Contact Information:

Adam Campbell, Project Manager
City of Lethbridge