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Performing Arts Centre - Functional Planning and Preliminary Design

​Current Status
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About the Project

This project includes the establishment of the Performing Arts Centre Steering Committee to guide the development of this project moving forward. The Steering Committee will complete a review of past studies and develop the scope for a new Performing Arts Centre facility. This will be done in the context of Lethbridge's current and future needs. The work includes the study of operational models, theatre types, sizes and amenities as well as site selection. The project also includes the acquisition of a design consultant to develop the initial facility design and establish construction and operating costs.

The project does not include the construction of a new Performing Arts Centre but rather prepares the City, if funding should become available.

Project Updates

April, 2018 – The Performing Arts Centre Steering Committee is established including three members of City Council, members from the arts community and City of Lethbridge staff. Terms of reference were developed and regular meetings began.

October, 2017 – City Council approves the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) including a study review and initial design for a Performing Arts Centre.


The need for a Performing Arts Centre has been identified as far back as the 2007 Recreation and Culture Master Plan. The 2013 Recreation and Culture Master Plan, also included a Performing Arts Centre as a need in the community.

In May 2010, the Lethbridge Performing Arts Centre Study was conducted. It was determined that existing facilities were inadequate for current-day performances both in venue design and availability. The study contained a needs assessment and recommendations, a business plan, a building program and a schematic design.

In 2011, a second study was commissioned, this time engaging theatre specialists to evaluate the initial recommendations. From this, the Performing Arts Theatre Study Review was completed, resulting in a reduction in the size and scope of the initial recommendations.

Today, the City's current theatre, Genevieve E. Yates Memorial Centre is booked to capacity and cannot accommodate additional bookings or new performance opportunities. Despite upgrades to this facility, there is still a high demand for quality performing arts space in Lethbridge.

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Operating Reserve$375,000
Functional Planning Study
Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Grant
$6.8 million
​Preliminary Design 
Total$7.175 million


2018 - 2027 CIP D - 34

Lethbridge Performing Arts Centre Study

Performing Arts Theatre Study Review

Performing Arts Centre Steering Committee Terms of Reference

Contact Information

Jillian Bracken, Liaison and Support Services Manager
City of Lethbridge, Recreation and Culture