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School Gymnasium Upsize (D-17)

​Current Status​Active
​Timeline​2018 - 2019

​Southeast Elementary School

West Elementary School

​About the Project

Through the Joint Use Agreement between the City and the two school districts, school gym upsizing supports the community and residents in a cost effective manner. New school projects and school modernizations are contemplated within the scope of the school gym upsizing.

The Province of Alberta's Capital Plan includes plans to construct two new elementary schools for Lethbridge during 2018 and they are:

  • Southeast Elementary School for School District #51
  • West (Community Core) Elementary School for Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division #4

The gymnasiums will be upsized from an elementary school size (approximately 430 m2) to a middle school size (approximately 630 m2), where more community uses can be simultaneously realized.


City of Lethbridge - MRSR Reserve​$1,700,000