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Sewer Lining - Scenic Drive South

​Current StatusComplete
​Time line​April-May 2018

​Scenic Drive South (between 16 Ave. S. & 4 St. S.) and

Fleetwood Bawden area

About the Project

This project is part of the planned sewer maintenance program. Inspections in 2014 identified corrosion in the 70+ year-old-pipes. Analysis identified a need to rehabilitate the sewer lines and that relining is a lower-impact and lower-cost alternative to digging and replacing them.

This project involves the relining of sewer pipes:

  • for 1.7 km along Scenic Drive South, between 16 Avenue South and 4 Street South. The project is a rolling operation in three broad segments, working northward from 16 Avenue South. To allow for the work to be completed and continue service, above ground bypass pumping will be conducted at each section until the relining has been completed. 
    Map of this project area
  • for a total of 5 km in the Fleetwood Bawden area, along one- to four-block sections of 7 Street South, 8 Street South, 9 Street South, 10 Street South, 11 Street South, 12A Street South and 12B Street South.
    Map of this project area

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The Relining Process


​Utilities Capital$2.1 million​

Contact Information

Jeremy Charlesworth
Water & Wastewater Project Technologist